What are the benefits of using press on nails?

  •  Press on nails are a healthy alternative to options such as acrylic. Press ons give the nail bed more of an opportunity to breathe and promote healthy nail growth.
  • You can still look fly during quarantine ;) No salon visits are required and a fresh set is available to you from the safety of your home. 
  • Press on nails are flexible. You can wear them for a night or for a week and you can change styles frequently with significantly less damage to your nails. 

How do I Find my Size?

Size charts are available on all product listings except ready to ship basics. Ready to ship basic sets come in a set of 24 nails to ensure you find the perfect fit. We have sizing kits available for anyone wanting a sample of our sizes. 


How do I Measure my Nails?

Watch below for the easiest way to measure your nails :) 


How do I apply my nails?

  • Make sure to start with clean washed hands.
  • Trim and file natural nails to desired length.
  • Use cuticle pusher to lightly push back cuticles.
  • Remove shine from nail bed by lightly buffing the nail bed.
  • Make sure to remove any dust and gently wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol.
  • Apply nail glue to false nail, starting at the base of the nail and press false nail firmly against natural nail until secure.


How long will my press on nails last?

Depending on your care and application of nails, they can last up to 2 weeks.


What kind of polish is used for your press on nails?

We use gel polish and gel top coats on all nail sets.


How do you remove the nails?

The safest way to remove your press on nails is by soaking them off. You can soak your hands in a bowl of warm water and periodically wiggle each nail until the glue loosens. This is the best method if you're trying to save your set for later use. You can also soak your hands in acetone but keep in mind that this method will damage your set. Make sure to apply cuticle oil for healthy nail bed recovery.


Can I use the same nail set more than once?

Depending on how your nails are removed and cared for, they can be used again.


How long are your nails? Are there any short lengths available?

Long ballerina and coffin nails are (insert) tall. Short / medium nails are available and are (insert) tall. 


How long do custom nail sets take to make?

Custom sets may take 7-10 days creation time before shipping. Ready to ship nails will ship in 1-3 business days from the date the order was placed.


Do you accepts returns?

For sanitary purposes we are not accepting returns at this time. If there is a problem with your order, please email us at urbanmixnailbar@gmail.com